Nobody can deny the intractable link between human trafficking, child labour and the spread of HIV/AIDS. It is for this reason that WOTCLEF evolved a programme to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS among out of school youth as well as other groups that are most at risk.
WOTCLEF works with Female Sex Workers (FSWs) and their clients to promote behavior change through the provision of comprehensive correct knowledge of HIV/AIDS and alternative income generating opportunities for those who volunteer to opt out of the sex work. Out of School Youth (OSY) are also target for WOTCLEF’s HIV/AIDS programme. They are mobilized and given comprehensive correct knowledge of HIV/AIDS, how to prevent themselves from the disease and other STIs and to be able to make informed decision regarding their sexual and reproductive health. Both the FSWs and OSYs are given Essential Life Skills (ELS) training to help them deal effectively with the challenges of everyday life.