Public Enlightenment & Sensitization

 WOTCLEF knows that the best way to curb incidences of human trafficking and child labour is to appeal to the conscience of the people and raise their consciousness to the evils inherent in the scourges. To ensure effective prevention, WOTCLEF carries out public enlightenment and sensitization campaigns against trafficking in persons, child labour and other abuse and the spread of HIV/AIDS. This is done through activities like workshops, seminars, conferences, public outreach, media advocacy, musical concerts, sports, etc.
In order to take these awareness campaigns to every nook and cranny of Nigeria, WOTCLEF has volunteers’ clubs in each of the six geo political zones. Members are volunteers who offer their time, talents and resources to sensitize their communities and raise public awareness on the detrimental effects of TIP, child labour and abuse and the spread of HIV/AIDS.